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=> T-34/76
=> King Tiger
=> KV - 1
=> Opel Blitz & PAK40
=> Ural 4320
=> STUG III Kursk 1943r
=> Panzerhaubitze 2000
=> SU-85M
=> M35 2,5t Cargo Truck
=> M6 Fargo
=> Sdkfz 138 MARDER III
=> Hetzer
skala 1:72
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  • T-34/76 - Italeri
  • Panther ausf.A - Italeri
  • King Tiger - Italeri
  • Ural 4320 - ICM
  • KV-1 - Italeri
  • Opel Blitz - Heller
  • Panzerhaubitze - Revell
  • SU-85M - Dragon
  • M35 - Academy
  • M6 Fargo - Italeri
  • Marder III - UM
  • Hetzer - UM

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